Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mystic Mollys' Fortune! Part 4!

There is No Doom or Gloom In Mystic Mollys' Fortune! Part 4!

Please scroll down to your relevant number where you will find your horoscope. Numbers have been attributed to when your comments came through. We hope you will enjoy. Please feel free to copy your horoscopes should you wish. If you could be so kind, give your $ (or if you wish $s should you want to donate more) to the Chip In. Our very best wishes Molly.

Part 1.
1/ Asta.
3/ & 4/ The Dachies With Moxie Mixie, Chip & Tasha.
5/ Misaki.
6/ & 7/ Frankie & Ernie. 
8/ Downunder Daisy & Bella & Roxy.
9/& 10/ Mollie & Alfie.
11/ Sasha.
12/, 13/ & 14/ Dip-Dip Dinah, Bridge & Eliot. 

Part 2.
15/ Pippa Sheltie.
16/ Sweet William The Scot.
17/ Roo.
18/ Wrigs.
19/ Stella Rose.
20/ & 21/ Shiloh & Shasta.
22/ Thru Squirrel Eyes.
23/ & 24/ Susie & Sidebite.
25/ Ranger.
26/ Tweedles.
27/ Nola.
28/ & 29/ Lily & Muffin.

Part 3.
30/ Sugar The Who.
31/ & 32/ Wyatt & Stanzie.
33/, 34/ & 35/ Greta, Hazel & Bailey.
36/, 37/, 38/, 39/, & 40/ Mimi, Lily, George, Gracie & Toby.
41/ Ruby.
42/ Easy.

Part 4.
43/, 44/ & 45/ Milo & Newby & Miss Dixie.
46/ & 47 Mona & Weeniem.
48/ Samantha, Clementine & Maverick.
49/ & 50/ Madi & Mum.
51/ Puddles.
52/ Cocco The Mini Pig.
53/ & 54/ Ruthie & Booboo.
55/ Gizmo!
56/ Sugar!

43/Milo. Here! 
The cards!

A shuffle here and a shuffle there and lets deal those cards and see what they say. My you have a lot of diamonds turning up. You are a diamond. Everybody says so. Ssshhh, don’t tell everyone that I told you. This knowledge should make you feel good about yourself and with that you will feel good about what you do. Paw in paw the two together will allow you to overcome obstacles and climb the ladder of achievement with vigour and determination. Slowly but surely you will make progress in every aspect of your life, helping you to achieve an inner serenity that will be the envy of many. Be patient and do not ask life to hurry you along this year as only with time can strong foundations be built. You need to dig deep to stand tall! A flimsy foundation is like an upturned water bowl. No good to man or beast and a chore to put right. Have faith in your many talents and put them to good works. Therefore be ready, be steady and don’t take on too much in one go. Slow steady planning will see you right by the end of the year. You will need time this year to manage your peoples. Circumstances will remind you of the importance of responsibility and therefore you must continue with your training. Remember peoples are not always quick thinkers so show patience and they will continue to bend to your will. A well trained peeps makes for a happy home where rules can be ignored with wild abandon. When the sun rises high in the sky and the days are long make time for plenty of fun and games. Take lots of walks and make time for meeting and greeting in your hood. Communicate honestly and with integrity and your life will be one who others seek you out for advice and reassurance. The year for you is one of growth and the creation of stable foundations. This will put you in a perfect position to take advantages of many good things still to come. The diamond is the strongest mineral known on earth and likewise you will attain great strength that will shine as brightly as a collection of gems in a magpies’ nest.

The tarot!

Now we deal the cards of magic and we see many cups and some discs. Food and drink feature heavily in your chart. You have a kind soul that reaches out and empathises with all those around you. You administer love and affection like a chef feeds and waters his customers. Your healing paw soothes the fevered brow and heals worried frowns. Laughter and fun are what the year brings to you. The cups and discs (plates) show a year of entertaining and gatherings. Your life will be one big social shindig. You will be carried away on a wave of pleasure and mirth. Don’t forget to include your peoples in all this fun and frivolity. You will be like a bowl of popcorn, popping from one bowl of cherries to the next. The cups of plenty indicate that it is a good year for your peoples too. Worries of a financial nature will be a thing of the past. It will be a time of good cheer and merriment. There will be some new faces in your hood. You will meet and greet and we see new friendships being forged in the second half of the year. You will take on the mantel of host and your knowledge of your environment will put everyone at ease and make for a warm welcome. On the friendship front we see that your world will broaden to encompass some faraway places where exotic fare is common place. You will enjoy learning about new tastes and smells and your thirst for knowledge will be quenched by the time the year draws to a close. The end of the years sees many more good things coming your way. You will bask in the warmth of the love that surrounds you. Your year is that of a social butterfly flitting from one glorious jamboree to the next without fear or worry. There is plenty of time sobriety in years to come so enjoy your magical time.

45/Miss Dixie.
The tea leaves.

The leaves of tea come from lands far away. From lands exotic and mystical. We see a boat in the heap of vegetation that sits in the bottom of the cup of fate. Your world is about to expand like a balloon ready to set off into the skies. Where once you felt safe in familiar environments, your growth in confidence will give you a taste for wanderlust. There will be no place you won’t go, no scent you won’t sniff and no sight you won’t see. You will travel down lifes’ paths this year with gay abandon. The world really is your oyster or lobster or whatever shell fish you’d like. Hmm I could just eat some lobster now being well and truly sick of snacking on squirrel entrails. Grab you friends, put you peeps on their leash and go out and have fun in the bid wide yonder. This year will see you finding a friend who will share the same interests. Together you will sniff out new places and new faces. The world beckons you. At home you will feel the urge to do some re-arranging and redecorating. Old beds and blankets maybe exchanged for new ones that compliment your interests in far flung distant realms. You will surround yourself with the exotic. Your dreams will be full of travel and adventure. You may take up a new language or start to write stories this year or even write stories in a new language. Your imagination knows no bounds. Your tales will enthral and engage a wide audience. You will live your dreams with others. They too will share the excitement of your journey ahead. Jump on the boat and let Neptune take down the river of opportunity to see the wonders the world has in store for you this year.

46/Mona. Here! 
Crystal ball!

The ball of crystal glimmers and shimmers as I look into your futures. Hold still and listen as this year is one for making new connections and formulating new ideas. Your social circle is expanding but be careful as quantity can never be a good alternative to quality. Pick new friends with care so you don’t spread yourself so thin and wear yourself out. We give these morsels of caution to you as the ball which never lies tells us that your popularity will put you in great demand. You cannot be all things to everyone so be yourself. Friends will be very supportive and you will enjoy yourself in group situations. Being a good team player these situations will make you happy. Your team spirit is strong and you will make wonderful contributions to your group and to associates. At home all will be well this year. You will not find the need to change anything ,you are happy with what you have got. Your view of home life is crystal clear and your view is not clouded by aspirations or desires. You are contented and satisfied with what you have. You may wish to spend time with your peoples to show them just how much you appreciated them. Time spent together just napping will be good enough as it is in this closeness that they can feel your inner peace. Your peacefulness is what makes them happy and that makes you happy too. During the second half of the year we see you taking up some new hobby. Maybe it will be a hobby you share with your peoples as we see many hands at work. Taking on a project together will further strengthen what is already a strong bond. The year for you is like the bird that gathers the leaves and builds a nest that keeps the ones they love happy and safe. The cosmos is wrapping itself around you and cradles you in its’ loving embrace.

Squirrel entrails!

You will find a new friend close to home for the entrails of the varmint with fangs of steel show the number two is important to you. You sometimes feel a little alone in that you have no one to share your real passions with. The inner hermit in you wants to brake free and find companionship. You are not necessarily unsociable but where you have been quite and content to do your own thing and you now feel the need to share. Increasingly you will find the need to bring more creativity and less routine to your life. You will want to burst out of the door and go on an adventure with your new found friend. There are so many things to explore. You may have seen them before but together you will see them with new eyes. All that is old will look brand new. Each changing season will bring more adventures as you embrace everything that Mother Nature shows you. At home things will be good but you will want to have quiet moments to reflect on your new and wonderful experiences. Sometimes finding a little peace and quiet will not be easy but try and be patient with loves ones. You might want to find a little hidey hole where you can go and chill out on your own. Sleeping will help you conserve some of that energy which you will need when you explore the wonders of your world. Frequent naps will help as well. The shell that restricted you in the past is no longer of use so cast it aside and be brave and take bold steps towards the future. The planets have collaborated together to bring you many pleasant surprises throughout the year. You will feel like it is your birthday day after day. With each new present another one lands in your lap. They may be small but they are sweet and there are many. The planets give you leave to enjoy.  

48/Samantha, Clementine & Maverick. Here! 
Crystal ball!

OK let’s give our trusty crystal ball a rub and see what’s in store for you three. Hmmm the colour red glows strong in the glass of crystal. Red is the colour of love and the colour of anger too. Firstly we see two of a feminine feline nature who pretty much rule the roost. We see a year in which little changes foretell new directions to come. Most of the year you will be blessed with the ability to take things in your stride as long as space if given to each as space management has been an issue in the past. We know all about that as sharing a bed with the selfish peeps is more challenging than you could possibly know. You are both more intellectually curious this year, and you may have opportunities to travel around and expand your horizons, and meet others who are of diverse backgrounds. Love is in the air throughout your abode. The colour red indicates that love issues will focus strongly in the first half of the year. Close friendships will also blossom and grow and we see the year ahead as one where social factors are at the forefront of all you do. Now the other one amongst you is masculine and canine in nature. You are approaching a very pleasant peak at the start of the year building your skills and expanding your reach. These will benefit you greatly as you move towards an especially successful period in your life. There are likely to be some pressures on the home front, but also opportunities to really get your domestic life into order. Organizing and streamlining where necessary, and establishing better and more efficient routines will be helpful. There is a sense of old versus new in the household this year. Weigh up the pros and cons of sticking to tried and true paths and moving forward to unexplored territories. You will be struggling with a strong desire to reach new levels of achievement and success, and the simultaneous desire for security by keeping the status quo. Big decisions shouldn't be made on the spur of the moment. Keep your eyes open for ways to break out of any rut you might have gotten yourself into. Relationships are intense, serious, and changeful, but also extremely rewarding. A year where you will all see special opportunities for love and romance. Remember red is the colour of love and Mars the red planet follows you everywhere this year heralding passion and excitement as it hands you a bowl of cherries which is yours for the tasting.

49/Madi. Here! 

The tarot!

Let’s sit down and take a moment to shuffle the magic cards of tarot. We see immediately that the cards show The Empress and many wands. The Empress rules her minions with charm and grace but there are strong flames of fire that surround her too. As quick as a flash serenity can be disrupted as the Diva in her is unleashed. You are The Empress in your house. The wands also indicate energy and fire as well. However flames give out warmth. It will be an excellent year for romance, fun, friendship, and discovery with someone close to you. When at home you tend to prefer spending time with the special one rather than with large groups. Non tangible support is also abundant this year with assistance from others coming easily. If you are looking for support, especially emotionally, this is a good year for you. Improving your skill set may be necessary for your work, and even if it isn't required of you, you should probably look into getting formal or even informal training. Small talk no longer seems to satisfy you, and you may feel a little bit of pressure to make better and more efficient use of your time. Work is likely changeful this year. Routines may get mixed around, intellectual interests change, and the desire to be alone or have some down time is strong this year. You are searching for something more fulfilling and deeply satisfying on the job front, and this will slowly unfold over the coming the year. The first half of the year have you thinking before you act, and your wisdom will be appreciated by many. The second part of the year is one of getting in touch with your deepest needs and wants. In all your energy levels are good and with gusto you are more confident about going after what you want. A year where the fates conspire to bring you status and standing in your community which will help set the foundations for good changes to come. Like a tower that you climb to see the horizon your year will open your eyes to an exciting future which is within the grasp of the paw. Remember there is great power in that paw.

50/ Madis' Mum.
Crystal ball!

Oh my, the ball of crystal nearly leapt out of my hands and spun in the air. Such activity heralds a year of change and excitement. Your year will be about positive new beginnings, turning over a new leaf, and expressing yourself without apology. Be proud of who you are. Besides putting yourself out there and expressing yourself with confidence, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to fine tune your work, health, and daily routines. You are required to put more structure in these areas. While it will involve effort and persistence, you will be thankful for doing it. Order will be empowering, and attention to deadlines, details, and rules will help tidy up your own mind and emotions. This will leave you freer to enjoy yourself when pleasure calls which it is likely to do so frequently. It will be a busy exciting year and you will achieve much that will leave you feeling fulfilled and happy. Play your cards right and some kind of material increase will come into your life. Even if not obvious it can be a time of indulgence and abundance. The second half of the year is a great time to build on existing projects. Growing your business or work this year will benefit you for years to come. Hard work and persistence will pay off and you will enjoy the process. Love and relationships look strong this year. Your year is one that centres on you but worry not, the we part will run quite smoothly. So like a whirling dervish you will spin around in the ether of heavy excitement hurtling towards a goal already mapped out for you by the cosmos. Once your there you will have time to catch your breath and wonder at all you have achieved in this amazing year.

51/Puddles. Here! 
Squirrel entrails!

Oh my, the entrails of squirrel are getting harder and harder to find here in Suburbia. I think Pip and I have deaded the whole tree rat population. What will I hunt now I ask? Hmm these innards show offaly good things to come. Firstly though, you must restructure your domestic life by bringing by more order to it.  Crashing from one crisis to the next is time consuming and exhausting. Focus more on routine and a structured schedule and you will be surprised how much time you free up for fun and boy are you going to need to free up some time. You are in closer touch to the spiritual and emotional sides of your life and we see you continuing to do a lot for others voluntarily. Your lucky number this year is two as many innards in the varmint are in twos. Everything you do with that number will bring you luck and good fortune. Remember one is a lonely number and he who eats alone, burps alone. Bad habits are not fun unless you have someone to annoy them with. Large decisions may be deferred to a later date. This is a year for grabbing all the good things with paws outstretched and leaving the life changing decisions for another time. This is not a year for extra rest or for privacy and alone time. Everywhere you go you will be surrounded with friends, fun and laughter. Your endearing nature and the fact that you make sacrifices for someone you love will not go unnoticed by the fates. Fortune smiles favourably on you and destiny beckons you to broaden your horizons. Don't pass up on travel opportunities and connections made with people overseas or of a vastly different culture than yours. These experiences will be eye opening and beneficial. Your sense of adventure will not be even remotely diminished by the years’ end. Let the wind of opportunity lift you up like a leaf on an Autumn day and blow you along to pastures new and lands green with plenty. 

52/Cocco The Mini Pig. Here! 

The tea leaves!

Now for a cuppa and shall we delve into the leaves of tea and see whether or not fortune smiles sweetly on you? We see that the year is stronger for relationships of all kinds, and especially love and fun. Friendships will play an important role in your development in the first half of the year. You are also a lot more grounded and confident and this will allow you to fill your inner well and strengthening ties with family at the same time. We see in the leaves of tea many strange shapes. You will bring more confidence to a new cycle that involves exploring your more playful and creative side. You may take up a new creative hobby like art, poetry or writing. Unleash your artistic side and let the world soak up the juices of creativity you squeeze from your imagination. Your world is about to expand and you will find you will gain an audience from places you thought you’d never see. The world is only as small as you want it to be. The second half of the year is a great time for home improvements of all kinds. You may want to reorganise things to better suit the new creative challenges you undertake. Love is not only easier this year but considerably so. Serious relationships are less strained. Romantic, playful, and casual relationships in the second half of the year can be easy to find. New avenues for recreation and amusement will open up. It is also strong one for working in teams and for cementing friendships. Your values are changing, and you are looking for solid answers and adjusting your belief system in major ways. Events might occur that have you thinking more deeply about your future. Others will be intrigued with your unique vision of the world and life in general. Life is simple in its’ beauty and yet quite complex. So your year will be like that of a snowflake simple but intricate, blowing through the air and settling down to form an amazing winter wonderland which will be wonderful to behold.

53/Ruthie. Here! 
The cards!

The cards are shuffled and shall we sit down now and see what they have to say to? The cards speak in volumes loud of valiant labours and astonishing achievements. There are many court cards indicating crowning glory and regal standing. Any ongoing conflicts will be ironed out early in the year leading to an overall stability and a positive year. You will find that some task that you already undertake will suddenly become more successful and more joyful too. The more you enjoy your labours the more triumphant you will become. A vicious circle in reverse is predicted for you. Shall we call it a victorious circle my fine friend? In the second half of the year you pay more attention to your spiritual life as well as a need for privacy. You will be especially supportive of others during this period. However at times you might feel like escaping into your own little private world. Here you will find peace and quiet which will allow you to re-charge your batteries and get some rest and recuperation. In a general sense, you will not feel the need to make big changes or choices. By the years’ end you are ready to ask the fates for what you deserve and you will get it. Your year will see a positive transit in which you are coming into your own. You will discover ways to express yourself, and draw upon inner stores of confidence. Freedom is something you seek but remember to give some attention to responsibilities. It is a good period for physical fitness and health as you are more aware of how these positively impact your energy and confidence. A romance might stabilize and move to a new level. Together you are will move towards identifying a new path and some changes are introduced to you both forcing you to rethink things with positive outcomes. You bring a positive spirit to many areas of life and the year is about blossoming and demanding a little more from your life, and getting it. Jump off the step of doubt and place you paws firmly on the path of realisation as the fates take you on a journey of accomplishment and triumph.

The tarot!

We shuffle the cards of magic now for the last time. Now what have we here? We have The Emperor, Fortune and Art. These centre on victory, good fortune and combined forces. You are going to enjoy some form of elevation in your standing, positive exposure and recognition this year. You are learning to own what you do and feel more comfortable in a position of authority. You will also find you are communicating with more authority and those around you listen. You are also honing your knowledge in a particular area of knowledge and expertise. So much is going on in your life that you may find loved ones complaining that you are not always available for title tattle and idle chit chat. You need not worry as you already take pride in your home and family and they know it. When the second half of the year starts you will find your social life increases. Through your group of friends you will get a sense of belonging and comfort. This is also a time for new and exciting ideas for future growth and happiness. You will find that you are entertaining dreams of where you would like for your life to go. While it is your home life that interests you in the first half of this year, you are more concerned with your own personal happiness, ideals, and long term goals in the second half. There will be a cause that you work towards enthusiastically related to family. Relationships may be complicated at times, as you explore alternative options but do not fret as overall they're likely to be considerably more stable this year. The second half of the year will see a friendship morphing into something more. Teaming up with others figures strongly and can bring some real benefits to your life. You are working harder this year at communicating more effectively and building your level of expertise. You will meet people who inspire you and motivate. Remember you can be the best simply because others see the best in you. Your life this year will be like an open book with the hand of fate gently turning the pages until the page destiny demands is reached.

55/ Gizmo! Here!

Squirrel entrails!

Lucky we are coming to an end of our mammoth fortune telling extravaganza as we are down to our last squirrel. Now looking at the entrails I see some odd looking things. Let just dig around in there and see what they are. Yikes I see stones. How did they get there? That is a mystery to us. This year looks like a more sociable year as well as one in which the challenges of the last couple of years are finally put to rest. In general it will be a transitional year for you moving from one of uncertainty to one of stability. The planets are shining favourably for you. You will find yourself being relieved of any extra responsibilities and concerns leaving you the feeling of a lighter load. The weaker areas of your life will be strengthened or you will simply let go of them. You will become stronger and more self-sufficient which will make you less defensive and rebellious. Partnerships will become stronger and bonds will grow closer. Overall any transformations that you are experiencing this year will be easier to understand and digest. We see that the mystery of the stones indicate discovery and you will find creative talents you never knew you had. You will gain more confidence about sharing and expressing them. The year demands that you brighten up and spend less time worrying and more time getting out there and having fun. Caution and realism are good, but worry is unnecessary and wasteful. This year is very rewarding to you in many ways. Close partnerships are a real joy and you will have great fun interacting in group settings. Friends tend to be supportive, helpful, and positive. Partnering opportunities are strong and you will find that life speeds up and you lose your fear of taking risks when it comes to your heart. Love and romance will fill your life with happiness. Jump on the wings of the dove and let her take you high in the sky and onto the cloud of peace and harmony which are yours to share if you wish. 

56/ Sugar Here!
The cards!

Now one last shuffle of the cards before we put them away and go and have a well earned rest. Like a horse you are a persistent creature but prone to plough the same old furrow. This year sees all that changing. You will get a push to change that even you cannot ignore. The fates are asking you to move right along and worry not, for in all areas this year you will excel. The year will open up a more accommodating personal phase, one that favours radical action above staying in your comfort zone. In the cards the hearts are linked with the non conformist spades suggesting cutting edge ideas and friends are your allies. Alliances are crucial this year as they will help you find confidence as you move away from the past. Teamwork in groups helps your cause and if projects have an internet dimension you will find great rewards. The second half of the year sees your social and creative life speeding up and you will forge solid partnerships. The cards tell that not only change is favoured this year but joint enterprises as well. You will find your world suddenly becoming bigger as you move forward into this new period of your life. However we should not always chuck out the old when we welcome in the new. You have many positive attributes which will just grow stronger with the wind of change. Sometimes change can be daunting but the cards want you to know that it is rare for the fates to give an individual two bites of the cherry. Most of us have to settle for one path that twists and turns. Not you, for a new road has opened up. Smile and let the winds of good fortune blow you tenderly to down the corridor of time opening up endless possibilities for newness and regrowth.

This concludes our fortune telling on behalf of the good causes the circus have sponsored. We simply say thank you for giving us the opportunity to shuffle some cards, drink some tea and eat some entrails of squirrel whilst polishing our crystal ball. Have a good day all.
Best wishes Molly.


  1. The Empress, yes, that's a perfect card for Madi! And yes, there is much power in her paw. Sounds like it is going to be a good year for her mom, too!

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  2. Sniff, sniff ...Puddles will never have to burp alone! I will always be there to burp with her ...and louder than her.



    "wonder at all you have achieved in this amazing year". IT IS JUST FEBRUARY AND JUST BEING INVOLVED WITH THIS WONDERFUL CIRCUS HAS MADE IT AMAZING.

  4. Holy snot girl, you ia freakin' brilliant with them squirrel innards...I mean I believes everything you sai and I is always skeptical at stuffs likes dis.
    Still skeptical bouts da...Focus more on routine and a structured schedule...but may I ought to try it and sees hows dat can works to my advantage.
    And here in Blogville, I knows I'll never be alone.


  5. Hey Molly!
    Wow, you are totally on a roll with these now! Your crystal ball is on overtime and I bet everyone is so happy to have their fortunes read by a true pro. Pawesome job, and you look totally gorgeous!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  6. All I know is that Sasha is my hero!

    Long live cotton candy martinis!

    I feel like I keep forgetting something important...

  7. Madi, oh my you have a wonderful future. I know you are going to be a great Mayor anyway, but now you have confirmation that you did the right thing. Pawsome girl!!

    Puddles, I don't know about you and structure, but I do know I don't like to burp or fart alone. First there is no one else to blame it on and it just isnt fun. If you fart in your crate and no one is around to hear it, does it smell???? Something to ponder my sweet girly pal.

    Loveys Sasha

  8. Molly this was so much fun and so interesting. Thank you for this wonder experience.

    Loveys Sasha

  9. Mystic Molly you are a MARVEL!! A pure TREASURE. You are the bestest FORTUNE READER in the ENTIRE WORLD and THAT is a FACT.
    Your CARDS and Entrails and Crystal Ball and TEA Leaves must be Begging fur a well deserved rest. They certainly did see Fortunes as BRIGHT as a SUMMER SUN fur all of us. YOU and your.. MYSTIC EQUIPMENT are SUPER.
    THANK YOU fur a WONDERFUL bunch of "Readings". Sincerely, Frankie and Ernie.

  10. To the Residents of Blogville,

    We now have Roo and Adam Levine.

    If you want them back, you must bring all the helium tanks, beer icies, vodka, cheeseburgers, and Cheetos to the Fun House.


    Evil Clowns

    1. Hmmm.... Roo or vodka for my cotton candy martinis....This is a hard call.

    2. This doesn't have to be an either or situation. Hand your drink to my little one-legged friend and let's go. She's like a floating coaster. We should definitely keep her around for future parties ...good help is really so hard to find ...(shakes head and candy apple stuck in fur) wait, must stay focused Brother Roo needs our help!

    3. Mmmm.... Candy Apples...Good thing the Evil Clowns didn't ask for them!

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    I'll get you my pretty and your little red wig, too!

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    2. Yes! PLEASE save the Vodka!

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  12. Oh Molly you are using our favorite tea leaves to read. Good Yorkshire Gold is that your secret?????
    Sweet William The Scot

  13. *Peeks out of his circus cage at the gang of Evil Clowns surrounding him*

    And I thought I had it bad before....

  14. All well and good, but is it going to rain tomorrow ?
    :-) x x x

  15. Woof! Woof! Golden Thanks Molly. WOW! its a bit true already. Appreciate it ... Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  16. OMD Molly I am laughing and marveling at the same time. Your readings are not only pawsonalized and uniquie butt ingeniously spot on! I think a Mystic Shop is in order for sure!


    Simply mind boggling! BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO!!! I'd say Encore butt I'm thinkin you really don't want to hear that just yet ;)

    Thanks pal! You really really REALLY Outdid yourself!

    Waggin at ya,

  17. Roo!

    You escaped from the gang of evil clowns!

  18. Oh Mystically Molly! Such wonderful fortunes are told for us!! Thank you!

    Ruthie and BooBoo

  19. We are very sorry we were not able to participate in the circus. It sure looks like it was a lot of fun AND a lot of work for so many. We have left a small donation in the hopes that it will help our very special friends.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  20. Milo, Dixie and Newby have many things to think upon now... They thank you for their fortunes, especially since your bladder was probably busting from all the tea, your fingers raw from all the card shuffling and your tummy still gurgling from the squirrel entrails.

    You rock, Mystic Molly.

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  21. Molly Momz (aka The Slacker) is finally catching up on impawtant stuff and I reminded her she better get around to checking out my fortune...I'm so glad she did and so is she...What an awesome year you've predicted and you've actually hit on a number of changes that really are going on right now...We don't know where you got that squirrel, but his innards were right on the mark...Thank you for such an uplifting and positive prediction...Momz actually printed it out so we wouldn't forget how good this year is going to be

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