Friday, February 15, 2013

Mystic Mollys' Fortune! Part 2!

There is No Doom or Gloom In Mystic Mollys' Fortune! Part 2!

Please scroll down to your relevant number where you will find your horoscope. Numbers have been attributed to when your comments came through. We hope you will enjoy. Please feel free to copy your horoscopes should you wish. If you could be so kind, give your $ (or if you wish $s should you want to donate more) to the Chip In. Our very best wishes Molly.

Part 1.
1/ Asta.
3/ & 4/ The Dachies With Moxie Mixie, Chip & Tasha.
5/ Misaki.
6/ & 7/ Frankie & Ernie. 
8/ Downunder Daisy & Bella & Roxy.
9/& 10/ Mollie & Alfie.
11/ Sasha.
12/, 13/ & 14/ Dip-Dip Dinah, Bridge & Eliot. 

Part 2.
15/ Pippa Sheltie.
16/ Sweet William The Scot.
17/ Roo.
18/ Wrigs.
19/ Stella Rose.
20/ & 21/ Shiloh & Shasta.
22/ Thru Squirrel Eyes.
23/ & 24/ Susie & Sidebite.
25/ Ranger.
26/ Tweedles.
27/ Nola.
28/ & 29/ Lily & Muffin.

Part 3.
30/ Sugar The Who.
31/ & 32/ Wyatt & Stanzie.
33/, 34/ & 35/ Greta, Hazel & Bailey.
36/, 37/, 38/, 39/, & 40/ Mimi, Lily, George, Gracie & Toby.
41/ Ruby.
42/ Easy.

Part 4.
43/, 44/ & 45/ Milo & Newby & Miss Dixie.
46/ & 47 Mona & Weeniem.
48/ Samantha, Clementine & Maverick.
49/ & 50/ Madi & Mum.
51/ Puddles.
52/ Cocco The Mini Pig.
53/ & 54/ Ruthie & Booboo.
55/ Gizmo!
56/ Sugar!

Part 2.

15/Pippa Sheltie. Here!
Squirrel entrails!

Burb! Sorry these squirrel entrails are Offaly good! Napkin Pip I have drooled on my furs. It is bound to be a very rewarding year. The innards of the squirrel are all present and correct and I can report they are very tasty too. Therefore, nothing to worry about in this reading. In many ways, you are learning to count on yourself, and your relationship with your peoples will grow too in profound and important ways. The responsibilities that you have let slide in the past are now coming in for close attention. Whilst it can sometimes feel like an onslaught, you are more than equipped to meet these challenges. Keep in mind that those things that you have managed well in the past are now being rewarded. Life is karmic in nature and you are experiencing what you are due at this point in time. The cosmic energies will be wonderfully supportive to you and you will feel you are getting your life back on track. The process of getting closer to your true self will involve some naval gazing and rethinking of your attitudes and thought processes. You actually have much power to persuade, lead, and defend. Therefore while out in the park take a lead role and enjoy your new found leadership skills. While in a general you are your best source of support you will find emotional support from others, and especially from a partner. Your own resources and talents can improve your own financial outlook. Be clear on your reasonable demands for pocket money and the second half of the year is especially growth oriented in financial ways. You may get the chance to travel and do take it, as the benefits of long distance experiences will be very rewarding. You will develop highly unique and creative ways of expressing yourself. The begging, pawing and pleading techniques are not for you. You are capable of so much more. You are attractive but sometimes elusive and mysterious. With your unique skills romantic and creative opportunities soar. Avoid carelessness or neglect when it comes to daily routines and health. Take your peoples out and about on regular trips. All in all a year of where past troubles are a distant memory and the future is as enticing as a new tennis ball still in its’ wrapper ready to be opened and chewed.

16/Sweet William The Scot . Here! 
Crystal ball! 

This year will be one to remember! Chance will make social promotion easier and you can gain fame and status. Oh drats I wondered what that red blob was that I was seeing? Squirrel entrails on my crystal ball Pips! May I have a cloth to clean it? Those gizzards get everywhere. Your peoples will earn money more easily this year and you will have more freedom spending it. So start thinking of what it is your really want this year as it is yours if you ask. Social events, fun and pleasure feature heavily throughout the year. You have many friends and making time for all of them will have you buzzing from one flower of opportunity to the next, busy as a bee. From bees comes honey, so your year ahead will be a sweet one. You may notice a more mature thinking, a taste for planning and strategy. These developments will allow you to manage your peoples more efficiently and help you plan their futures. You might want to read philosophy, or learn a different foreign language or even re visit an old interest. I see in the ball notes of music. You may find yourself rekindling an interest in the musical arts. This interest will open up new opportunities and will be a great source of satisfaction.  Communication with the wider world will be further enhanced. The study of some communication strategies and the acquisition of some knowledge of faraway places may be rewarding. The world really is your oyster this year and you will find yourself going places both physically and mentally. A year of excitement and adventure is yours. The world is a big place and there is much to see. Jump on the rug of fortune and let it sweep you up into the skies and take you to exotic places for adventure and fun. The horizon beckons you so go forth and see what wonders the world has to show you.

17/Roo. Here!
Crystal ball!

Yikes the crystal ball is steaming up today from over-use. Let me give it a lick of appreciation for all its’ hard work. There, there, my ball, there will be plenty of time to rest when the circus tents go down. OK back to your reading. It is a year of hard work and great accomplishment for you. However it is not all about career and responsibilities, thank the paw! While work challenges leaves your peoples busy you will enjoy helping them take care of business. This comes as a relief for your peoples as your presence and encouragement helps them achieve great things. You have great patience and you know that the kindness your peoples show others will be awarded in kind. The year also continues to bring fullness to your life in the areas of recreation, romance, and creativity. Many opportunities will arise for you to go out and enjoy yourself. Have plenty of fun and frolics as this is a time about rediscovering the puppy within. You will find interest in, and enjoyment of, healthy routines, self-care and fun routines. The ball says you are advised to get your peoples to have more rest and to take time out from their busy work schedules. Don't let them push themselves too hard, and don't let them neglect their own needs as they pursue these goals. Time out for walks together, trips out and about and some simple chillaxing will do you both good. Pay attention to friends and associates as you know you are one pawsome team player. Financial insecurities this year will be a thing of the past and ultimately the improved situation will mean there is some money for treats. So remember it is safe for money to be invested in home and family this year. There are some significant opportunities that will come your way to express yourself, promote an idea and push a project to a successful conclusion. Turning a long standing dream into a reality is within your grasp. Think big and the reach for the stars this year. They are yours for the taking.

18/Wrigs. Here!
The cards!

A shuffle of the cards and let me now deal your hand or should we say paw. Hmmmm I see many hearts. You do not need to weigh everything on the proverbial golden scales this year just take things with a pinch of salt. This year is great for heart to heart chats, heartfelt bridge building and generally all round feel good hugs and heart warming times. You have an original and fun style that is really very popular so you will find this is a year of making new friends from places you may never have heard of or been to. Enjoy the experience and let the knowledge broaden your horizons. Everything in your world is rosy and you well deserve to feel fantastic. Run wild, run free and enjoy all that is offered to you. Someone may wish you to make a commitment you are not sure about. You enjoy your freedom and there is nothing wrong with that. Let them down gently and all will be well and a true friendship will flourish. You and your peoples will spend time reminiscing and visiting old haunts. This will bring out your inner puppy making you strong-willed and rebellious. Share your feelings with the world as they will have fun watching you enjoy everything around you. Be sure to take regular breaks though and remember too much of a good thing can be a bit of a headache. Don't let wishful thinking get the better of you as your grass is really quite green enough. It is a good thing that in this fast paced year you can take charge and choose the paths you travel down. At the end of the year some stunning news will take you by surprise in the nicest possible way. A year of happy paws and happy times for you and those you love.

19/Stella Rose. Here!
The tarot!

The year for you is all about promoting peace and harmony. Do not mix friends and possessions as resentment can be sown. The cards of tarot show many wands. It will be a magical year for you. Communication will flourish between you and a close partner. Though sometimes obstacles may seem insurmountable this is just temporary. You will travel a path that will lead to peace, harmony and golden opportunities. Life where it felt dark and lonely will now feel bright and welcoming. Others will take lessons from your selfless attitude. With all those magic wands getting what you want is as simple as speaking up about it. Yesterdays’ dreams are todays’ visions. Your responsibilities to others will restrict your freedom a little but it will not dampen your enthusiasm for everything around you. Just enjoy the nice side of this wonderful year and be grateful to your peoples who make sure it happens. It's not worth losing an old friendship with so much going on. It is not about out with the old and in with the new but a balance between the two. Make time for your old friend and include them in your new adventures. Inject some fresh enthusiasm into old chores you find boring. Your peoples will appreciate your cooperation. Your desire to rush ahead this year should be avoided as you need to make sure that lose ends are tied up and that you have dotted all those i's and crossed all those t's. Remember you have a close one who looks up to you and who needs to learn you ways. The wands boost self-confidence and restores energy. Your outlook is upbeat and expectant. No room for moaners and groaners trying drag you down. You will fly high a kite this year and lifes’ breeze will carry you along a path to great happiness. Arrangements in connection with travel, meetings, and visits will be a further source of fun and happiness.

20/Shiloh. Here!
Crystal ball!

Pip, Pip, bring me a snack I am feeling faint again. I have not tasted a snack for at least five minutes. Now we must wait a moment while I boot up my crystal ball. It will be a strong year for work and business and your peoples will be busy. You have actively been building up your skills and experience. Take advantage by learning as much as possible so that when opportunities arise, you will be able to take advantage of them, when they come your way. You will deserve the recognition you receive from your peoples. There are favourable connections to be made with people far away from you and you will reach a broader audience. This can serve to motivate you to work harder and grow more which are two good things! Luckily, the ball says the planets are in harmony with each other for much of the year, and this helps you to find a very nice balance in all that you do. You are also bringing more imagination to the work you do, and your intuition can serve you very well. There will be times this year when you need to push yourself to go after what you want. In this try your best to avoid worrying about if you come across as nice and good as your peoples already know you are. Love continues to challenge you this year by forcing you out of your comfort zone from time to time. The ball says nothing ventured, nothing gained. Be brave for only good things await you.  Fearlessness will bring surprising changes to your relationships. Don't fall back on familiar patterns, think outside of the box. A year of growth for you! Be brave, be bold, there is so much to behold. The light of the ball shines bright so venture forth safe in the knowledge that the planets are smiling on you this year.

Crystal ball! 

Pip, Pip this ball is on strike! Fetch me some glass polish and we will give it some TLC before we start again. Ok, ready to go again! A spectacular year for you and one of great passion. The crystal ball glows red, relating to love and affairs of the heart. You will have enthusiasm, strong feelings and emotions which will encourage you to also be far more daring than usual. You will take risks and you will be restless at times but this will pass, leading to harmony and stability. You are quite the mimic and you will be a great source of amusement to your chosen one. Therefore do not shy away from creative expression. Open up and let your heart sing. Nor should you be reserved when it comes to physical expression this year. Physical expression can be challenged in the areas of sports such as ball chasing or advanced zoomies, strolls or family hikes. Family life will benefit from such attention. The ball of red also says the year will favour relationships with relatives, especially with parents, and the second part of the year will be dedicated to a family holiday. Location is immaterial as quality time together will be what is impawtant. The year ahead will see horizons expand and you will gaze in wonder as new things unfold right before your very eyes. The world has so much to show you. Are you ready? Hop on the cloud of fate as it takes you on a journey full of thrills with no spills.  The fates are waiting to show you breathtaking beauty, amazing vistas and the world in all its’ brilliance.

22/Thru Squirrel Eyes. Here!
Crystal ball!

The crystal ball says this one is for mum. All is good when it comes to the fates of the furry ones but the ball shows busy hands at work.  Mum you are building your skill sets in the first half of the year and you will blossom in the second half. Excuse me while I nibble on a kibble as I am somewhat light headed with all this predicting of the futures. Hmmm that is better now. The last part of the year is especially favourable to you. Watch that you balance your attention when it comes to different areas of your life. Don’t get caught up in career or projects and fail to maintain order around the home. Remember without order there is chaos. Little furry paws will be out for mischief if you let them. The year is excellent for both partnerships and friendships. You will meet a very dreamy, surreal person this year. They will help you explore your creative side. Money matters can be a little tricky at times, but with hard work you will generate more income, compensating for any previous instability. The planets smile on you favourably, helping you to treat minor inconveniences with a positive attitude and boosting your morale. This provides you with extra motivation, energy, and power to move forward with personal plans. You could surprise those around you who are used to your modest and peaceful approach to life. You are learning to go after what you want with some vigour. Take advantage of this time to learn as much as possible so that you'll be able to take advantage of the opportunities that are likely to come your way. The sun is shining over the ball of crystal creating a rainbow. Embrace it as we all know at the end of the rainbow is a pot of gold and this one has your name on it.

23/Susie. Here!
Squirrel entrails!

Avoid worrying about why things are not happening to you whilst others are leading an exciting life. Hmmm the entrails of squirrel show that you are lucky for all is ordered and in place except for the bits I am munching on as I read the futures. Focus instead on what you have achieved and where it will take you. Sketch out a plan for the long-term future. Now is a good time to start a new romantic relationship. You have an outgoing personality, but sometimes you keep it hidden. Use your heightened charm to your advantage. Remember there are good times to be had so do not dwell on the past. It is time for you to move on. Follow this advice and open your eyes to the romance that is knocking at your door. Here you are in need of some further help, and your colleagues will be willing to come to your aid. The sea-saw of romance may play havoc with your emotions but worry not, all will be well. You will feel like you can take on the world, but avoid becoming too arrogant and show your humble side. This year you must decide what you can handle and what you cannot. You will be better off if you share your quandary with those around you. You may use the judgment of those you love. Open your heart and expand your circle of friends. The year is all about finding that special one and forging strong friendships and alliances. It is time to head out from behind your shadow and face the challenges ahead. You may struggle but you will find great success if you do not fear failure. The entrails show that with guts all you wish will come true. Put the paw of friendship out to the big wide world and watch you will never be alone again.

The tea leaves!

At last a cup of tea! Thirsty work is that chewing of entrails. Pip, bring me a toothpick will you? I think I have a wishbone stuck in my canines. OK, now lets us get on. Somebody may take offence by your actions early this year. However worry not as being placed in a position of authority, it is hardly surprising that you will have to deal with someone with a firm paw. Your resolve and determination will not go unnoticed. Your enthusiasm is infectious and will inspire the troops. This is a time of learning, and a time of new experiences. The achievements you make today will help you in the future. It is a great time for travelling and learning more about the world. Be open to inspiration as this will help you to find a promotion. You may from time to time have to turn to a friend for helpful advice. This is a wise move. Progress towards your goal with an open mind, but try to narrow your focus to what is realistically achievable. Do not start anything new until you have completed your current projects. Individuals with different viewpoints will begin helping you with your daily duties. Be responsive to your family's desires. Disputes at home may be difficult to avoid but if you stay peaceful and be careful of what you say there will be nothing to worry about. Do not let anyone feel left out.  You should find it is a year where you will be striving for improvement. The leaves show the figure of a crab. This is your year, one of steady climbing up the ladder of life.

25/Ranger. Here!
The tarot!

Sit down whilst I shuffle the cards and lay them out. We have many Frisbees opps sorry I mean discs. I think I need a good run in the park soon. All this fortune telling is playing havoc with the legs and that damn scarf keeps falling in my eyes. Nevermind let us see what the cards of magic have in store for you? You will have to try to adjust to anothers’ needs and to make an effort to understand them and accept them with all their qualities and flaws. Remember, after the first glow of romance starts to fade, a deeper understanding may blossom. You are asked to think positively and to surround yourself with happy people. There is plenty of time for fun and laughter this year. The discs are all about work and money. Follow your objectives step by step, no matter how seemingly slowly you advance may seem. When there is uncertainty or difficulty, ask for advice from those close to you and your significant other. You are undergoing a process of changing the way you think, of relating to others, opening up new concepts and restructuring your system of values. The cards indicate a year where you will grow away from material things like toys and balls and move to a higher plane. The meaning of life, the power of friendship and your great love will be more important to you this year. You are developing into a thoughtful soul who reaches out and touches many lives.  Thinking less about material things will give you a liberating sense of freedom. The cards indicate that restraints are being removed. The year will see you soar into the skies, spreading your wings and riding the breeze that gentle winds of change blow your way.

26/Tweedles. Here! 
The cards!

Although you'll continue to experience changes in life in general things are a little more stable this year than they have been lately. As I deal the cards I see many spades. The spades are for digging and I see the digging of deep, strong foundations. Work continues to take up a lot of your peoples attention, and you will find you too are enjoying all the activity for the most part. Your very identity is tied up with the job that your peoples do. Professional goals will be easily met this year thus helping lay the basis for that stable foundation. In the middle year your focus shifts considerably as your social life begins to take priority. Pleasing others is the theme for the year but you are also going to get something back. The spades say life will not be a one way street. In fact, you're likely to find that others are supportive and interested in much of what you do. Avoid becoming too dependent on others, and recognizing your own independence and your ability to stand alone. Love is a strong theme in your life this year. Partnerships tend to fare better than more casual relationships. While you are certainly more companionable in the latter half of the year, freedom is still an important theme in any relationship or partnership.  There may be plenty of distractions and it is especially the case for you. Although distractions tend to dissipate keep focused on your professional and practical ambitions. Push ahead this year. By all means cherish the fun times that are in store for you but keep an eye on the spades. Your year is one of building a solid base that will see you well into many years ahead. The earth beckons you with open arms. Reach out your paw and you will stand on steady limbs for many years to come.

27/Nola. Here!
The tea leaves!

The leaves of tea twinkle and glisten suggesting that all things bright and beautiful come your way this year. They shimmer with the colour green which means that nature has many special things waiting to show you. You will find freedom to make choices and these will be the kind of choices that usually come from desires. Optimism knows no bounds. Embrace it and think positively, and spend time around happy, dynamic people. You will have little to worry about this year. Your peoples will be content and happy which will allow you to explores natures’ gifts with reckless abandon. You will travel to new places and see and smell many new things. You are being granted the rare privilege of exploration without fear of consequence. The spirits of nature will take you by the paw and lead you on one big breathtaking, awesome adventure. Although you will achieve little tangibly this year, this is of no consequence. The leaves of tea say there is plenty of that in the past and more to be done in the future. This is not the year to worry about such things. The material and financial aspects of life will look after themselves. Living life to the full should be your mantra. Grab all that is offered you and embrace it. Your world will expand as will your mind and you will learn much. Keep a journal or a diary as you may wish to record your many great adventures. You may even wish to open up your creative side and plan to encompass them in some kind of project for the future. Remember nature is secretive and it is rare for her to show her mysteries so enjoy your special time. You are released from natural constraints so run free and surrender to your natural impulses safe in the knowledge that her guiding hand will protect you.

28/Lily. Here! 
Crystal ball!

My poor ball of crystal is wearing away right before my very eyes. I swear it is now half the size it was when I started. Now a few more rubs and let us see what we have for you? You are always nice to everyone you meet. You have your very own unique appeal. The ball of crystal seems to be alive with the sound of laughter and fun. I can see colours changing from pinks to blues to yellow. Cheerful, happy, colours. You are creative, energetic, and very social. Your year will be one in which you find great happiness. You will not be alone. 2 is an important number to you but can add a 0 on to the end as you will be surrounded by many. Very loving and beautiful, you will play at being flirtatious. Things are going to be so much fun. You need not dwell on difficult moments in the recent past as they will stay there. Excuse me while I have a quick slurp of tea. Soon I will be peeing a 100% pure china tea with all this telling of the futures. The key to this year of social development is you sweet personality and your ability to be inventive and intelligent. The planets are whizzing round you and tell you life will be like a butterflys’ flitting from one beautiful bouquet to the next. There will be no shortage of flowers in your life. Things will be stable enough for your peoples so you will not have to worry about them. Loyal indeed you are but things will be fine so fret not. Your smart, witty, outgoing, chatty and energetic ways will make you many new friends. There are no boundaries, the world is there for you to grab. Your year is about having fun and enjoying all those you get to know. It is rare for the planets to bestow such freedom so make the most of an exciting year. More earthly matters can be put on hold until a new year dawns. Flutter your wings and fly into the sky and let the sun shine on your wings that will glisten with the colours of a rainbow heralding fun, laughter and joy.


Tea leaves!

Oh my, more tea. The leaves have blocked the toilet and the gutter outside and I am peeing like a horse. We have run out of toilet roll and my peeps will not be best pleased when they get home. Fiddly dee, who cares? Now on to your futures. You are likely to make new contacts that bring you joy. You will take pleasure in reaching out to others, and enjoy great popularity. Your year is shown in the tea leaves by the figure of a snail. Slow but sure and now confident to come out of the shell.  In recent years lack of confidence has limited your responsiveness to social contact. Gradually, you will be more motivated to network more as the year progresses. The cosmos is giving you the message that it is time to take greater responsibility with family. Your close partner will be too busy and you will feel secure enough to take on their mantel. To organize your home life effectively you need to manage your peoples efficiently. You are open to new experiences and adventures beyond your usual routine. You will find that relationships evolve and develop into lasting friendships. A long term influence that cast quite a shadow will leave you to grow and prosper this year. Confusion over affiliations ends early this year, and this brings more clarity to your world of committed partnerships. You will reach new social heights and experience an enhanced reputation through a romantic association. Friends will be the ones to introduce you to this romantic partner. Ultimately you will be able to improve your lot in life. The year shows the tea leaves a swirling which indicates great activity. You are like a flower ready to open your petals and be visited by the bees of life who will buzz around you in excited activity. The honey of life will be sweet for you.  


  1. Oh! Thank goodness! It is much safer in here listening to these great fortunes!

    Things are getting a little wild at the circus. I hear some Stuffies escaped from their cages and someone in a clown costume took off with a keg of beer. Very suspicious.

  2. Goodness those are some mighty fine fortunes. It was great fun reading them. This circus is so much fun with so much going on. Hope you have a great day.

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    Heres lemme go gets you sumptin to drink so you don't pass out.
    Here drink dis....(hands over a can of beer.
    See you'll feels all betters now.


  4. Mystic Molly is a MARVELOUS Fortune teller... and Quite FETCHING in her lovely Finery... Blogville Futures are looking Brighter and Brighter. Ernie and I both LOVE our Fortunes!!! THEY are FANGtastic!!

  5. I hear something calling me out of my deep sleep. The sweet voice of a mystical angel has crossed into the otherworld. Circus music plays in my mind. The rich buttery smell of popcorn fills my senses. I have no choice but to rise and see what is happening. Perhaps I will finally be able to accomplish the task I never completed.

  6. Mystic Molly ~ You saw that I am learning a foreign language, how true that is. Stop by my blog Sunday with Pip and Puddles to see the language I am learning!!!! I love music. WOW your crystal ball and your reading is most accurate and gives me hope for this year.
    Thank You
    Sweet William The Scot

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    1. Thank the stars someone else saw the ghost. I thought I was drinking too many cotton candy martinis.

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  8. Hope mine comes true because it is not half bad.. paid for my tickets and looking forward to more fun events.. Hugs GJ xx

  9. Oh Molly I just LUV my Reading! :D Finding my inner puppy sounds like a Lot of Fun and I will let Mom know that your Crystal Ball showed we would all be chillax more and enjoy more walks and trips Yippee! :D I am also very happy to hear there will be More Treat money in my Future - I LUV TREATS! Oh this is so GOOD GOOD GOOD! Thank you Mystic Molly for my Reading. And if it's not improper, pawlease give your wonderful Crystal Ball a lick from me too :)

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    Now what you need, love, is some good vodka, 1 tbsp. cola and 1 tsp. Grenadine. Place a small piece of pink cotton candy in the bottom of a martini glass.
    Combine liquids together in a shaker filled halfway with ice. Shake for about 30 seconds. Pour the liquid over the cotton candy in the glass, and the cotton candy will dissolve. Toss another small piece of cotton candy in the glass for more flavor. Line the glass with hicbarian sugar crystals. And that is how you make an out of this world cotton candy martini!


  14. Molly could we share a fortune with some other doggy? Couldn't find one for us...not sure how this worked! Great circus so far.. Phew, we're getting tired out.
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  16. Okey dokey Molls, we're back. Any reply to our inquiry about sharing fortunes?? Please let us know. We'll be checking back!
    Smooches from pooches,
    BRS & Hootie

    1. Just left you a message on your last blog post. The deadline was the 1st of Feb for requests but no worries. If you get back to me on my email mollyDOTthewallyATbtinternetDOTcom and pledge to donate extra to the chip in I will do one just for you. It may not be ready 2morrow but if you are happy to wait I will email you one which you can read it in private or post it on your blog. Choice is yours. Happy to do the same for anyone who might have missed it so spread the word. As long as you can give me a few days. No worries. For the good causes I am more then happy to dig out my mystical garb again. Please state how you want your fortunes told and if you think there is anybody else out there let them know. All that goes to the fund is good. Gotta go now as well late over the pond.
      Best wishes Molly

  17. Oh Molly that was the bestest reading my mom is going to cut it out and hang it on the door so we can read it fit us all just perfect!!! We won't be at this circus tomorrow cos we are babysitting piper and her brothers, so we will be at a different type of circus..hehehehehehhe
    stella rose

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  19. Thank you Mystic Molly for our pawsome fortunes! You hit them dead on and some of it is already coming true. You are amazing to say the least. We're gonna print our out and put it on the fridge for all to read. Then as things happen, we're gonna check them off the list.

    Well worth the 87million dollars we donated.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  20. Hey Molly!
    Wow, these are really great! I'm sure everyone is really excited to have this sneak-peek into their futures. Thanks so much for the glimpse into the crystal ball of life. These are really fun.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  21. Thanks Molly for the readings, spot on for Me, Susie, I promise to do better, as for Bites, well the silly boy is a Blogville Officer after all and he does get himself into some troubles.

    Your Pals
    Susie & Bites

    Pees: we went through Sweet William and left a ton of green papers all at once, OK, let us know if that is OK!

  22. Hey Molly, thanks for shining up the Crystal ball and giving us a reading. Our Mama is now lost in thought about the coming year. We think she will eventually figure it all out. Of course now she is making plans to keep all of our paws very busy so they won't get idle. We hope she remembers we have to sleep sometimes.

    Thanks again,
    Cindi Lou & The Kitty Krew