Friday, February 15, 2013

Mystic Mollys' Fortune! Part 1!

There is No Doom or Gloom In Mystic Mollys' Fortune! Part 1

Please scroll down to your relevant number where you will find your horoscope. Numbers have been attributed to when your comments came through. We hope you will enjoy. Please feel free to copy your horoscopes should you wish. If you could be so kind, give your $ (or if you wish $s should you want to donate more) to the Chip In. Our very best wishes Molly.

Part 1.
1/ Asta.
3/ & 4/ The Dachies With Moxie Mixie, Chip & Tasha.
5/ Misaki.
6/ & 7/ Frankie & Ernie. 
8/ Downunder Daisy & Bella & Roxy.
9/& 10/ Mollie & Alfie.
11/ Sasha.
12/, 13/ & 14/ Dip-Dip Dinah, Bridge & Eliot. 

Part 2.
15/ Pippa Sheltie.
16/ Sweet William The Scot.
17/ Roo.
18/ Wrigs.
19/ Stella Rose.
20/ & 21/ Shiloh & Shasta.
22/ Thru Squirrel Eyes.
23/ & 24/ Susie & Sidebite.
25/ Ranger.
26/ Tweedles.
27/ Nola.
28/ & 29/ Lily & Muffin.

Part 3.
30/ Sugar The Who.
31/ & 32/ Wyatt & Stanzie.
33/, 34/ & 35/ Greta, Hazel & Bailey.
36/, 37/, 38/, 39/, & 40/ Mimi, Lily, George, Gracie & Toby.
41/ Ruby.
42/ Easy.

Part 4.
43/, 44/ & 45/ Milo & Newby & Miss Dixie.
46/ & 47 Mona & Weeniem.
48/ Samantha, Clementine & Maverick.
49/ & 50/ Madi & Mum.
51/ Puddles.
52/ Cocco The Mini Pig.
53/ & 54/ Ruthie & Booboo.
55/ Gizmo!
56/ Sugar!

1/Asta Here! 
Crystal ball! 

We see for you Asta a misty future! Hmm sorry that is my slobber on the crystal ball. Let me just give it a quick clean and start again. Hmm that is better! You future is bright and clear with your peoples career, income, and business playing major roles this year. You will feel good about what you do and therefore feel good about yourself. You will dig deep into your feelings about practical matters and you have an excellent chance of achieving inner harmony. The steps you take may not be big or speedy but you will make significant changes and you will have a better understanding of what it is you can and want to do in your life. Just have faith in your natural talents and put them to work for you. Worry not and just start enjoying what you do as work will bring your peoples great joy. There may be some challenges but just discriminate carefully when it comes to the taking on of new work or projects. Don’t bite off more than you can chew unless of course it is a big juicy bone, which in this case we recommend a quick consumption before someone tries to take it away. Circumstances will remind you of the importance of schedules, responsibility, and reputation. Therefore make sure your peoples are realistic with their goals and work at a steady pace whilst making time for you. This year is certainly not all about work and in the first half of the year make time for entertainment and self-expression. Plenty of fun and games are in store for you and there may also be some romance. Take lots of walks and make time for meeting and greeting. Communicate openly and frequently and your life will be full of fun and laughter. Matters from the past may make you feel a little uncomfortable but worry not, they will remain in the past. You are redefining your attitude towards money and possessions this year. Toys and stuffies will hold little interest for you as you embrace life in one big social whirl.

2/Mr.Pip. Here!
Squirrel entrails!

Your personal magnetism shines strong and bright. Excuse me for a moment whilst I have a little nibble. The reading of squirrel entrails is very difficult, temptation is everywhere! Your life is now at full speed and your spirit soars. Many appreciate your manner and style more than you realise. You are a very popular figure in your community. You will chaperoned by a significant other throughout the year who will share your sense of fun and bask with you in all your triumphs. Leisure activities figure strongly and you will find your year is one of joy and fulfilment. Organizing your peoples and making them tend to important paper work eases your mind so that you can enjoy hobbies and entertainment without guilt. You are now beginning a cycle in which relationships are your top priority. A lot of your energy is poured into friendships but you nevertheless you will have fun and happy times. In fact, you may be in the mood for entertaining at home this year. You need to pursue your creative impulses so just go full steam ahead. Some redecorating, and home improvement may be needed after your open house project. You know you have an eye for style! Themes of cheeseburgers seem to be prevalent. Creative self-expression is strong and your loved ones will be impressed. The urge to reach out and communicate with others is powerful and will result in new friendships or the strengthening of ties with acquaintances. The flurry of activity that demands your attention this year are in your personal life, your friends, and family. A year of cheeseburgers, fun and frolics for you and your friends.

3/The Dachies With Moxie Mixie. Here! 
The tea leaves!  

There’s a spirit of compassion at work which will be quite invigorating and pleasant. Drats I have just dropped tea leaves all over my furs! That will teach me for trying to de-stuff a tea bag whilst reading the futures! Your ambitions are realistic and you easily find the motivation to accomplish exactly what you set out to do. Your personal magnetism and the creative way you express your ideas will be recognised by those around you. Your strong connections, particularly with loved ones will continue to strengthen. You are ready to have some fun this year. You are bound to surprise people with your playful and spirited attitude. This joie de vivre attracts positive attention from those who come into contact with you. With the desire for adventure in your heart you might make more of going for exciting walks and adventures to shops and the like. You will find support from friends in any adventure you undertake. Your personal plans are a big priority and the love of your peoples is a major source of satisfaction. Remember to tend to others’ needs and demands as much as they tend to yours. Fortunately these activities are enjoyable for you. Your ability to protect your ladies and your homestead is legendary and you are greatly loved for it. Being the only boy in the house can make life a little hard but sometime soon you may have a partner to help you with homeland security. This may give you personal recognition and positive feedback.  

The cards!

What is dropped is sure to come! Hmmm that is 52 cards then as I have just dropped the lot when trying to reach for a quick snack. Look the three of hearts. I predict three will be a significant number this year before the Bunny Hops. It will be an exceptionally exhilarating year for you. You are filled with energy, drive and vitality and your powers of attraction are greatly enhanced. All that reflection and rest during the last year pays off as now you feel more confident about going after what you want. Your strong animal magnetism might mean there is chance of romance later in the year. A job offer or opportunity might come your way.  It may mean you will be asked to take on the task of hostess with the mostest during the first half of the year. All eyes are on you and your ability to persuade, enchant, and delight others will not fail. Always charming you will continue to wrap the main man in your life round those precious paws of yours.  There is a lot going on behind the scenes, and you might find yourself re-evaluating important parts of your life. Peoples will need careful handling as they take on new projects and hurtle full steam ahead. Despite this your social calendar is busy and networking, spending time with friends, and group activities bring much stimulation. While you’re certainly building for the future, your thoughts will also turn to the past and remembering good times and loved ones will leave you content and happy.  A sense of renewal and a new personal beginning will be set the stage for change with positive outcomes.

5/Misaki.  Here! 
Crystal ball!

Changes to your personality and growth maybe subtle this year but they will be significant. You are more willing to learn from others and to accept support offered. Furthermore tastes in romance, recreation, and the arts are blossoming. Relationships continue to figure strongly in your life this year. Speaking of tastes, excuse me whilst I lick off the remains of my bacon snack which I have managed to get on my crystal ball. Hmm, now I feel less light headed. Fortune telling is hungry work. You are finding more joy in others, and they are responding likewise. Partnership opportunities present themselves as the year goes on in direct proportion to your generosity of spirit. Romance and new relationships are exciting and fulfilling. The last part of the year focuses less on pleasure and socializing and more on your responsibilities to your peoples. You may take up some kind of sport like agility or learn some new tricks and commands. It is a time for working towards solid long term goals. You will be tending to those things you have left neglected with great success. Practical responsibilities that you have let slide will slowly but surely be seen as achievable and you will not be overwhelmed by the tasks ahead. Keeping fit and daily running can be a challenge but drag your peoples out as what is good for you is also good for them. It is period of turning dreams into reality both particularly and creatively. Your personality toughens up, but your powers of persuasion are high. Your power lies in the eyes and a wet nose never fails.

6/Frankie. Here! 
Crystal ball!

The year brings a fuller social life to your world and less of the burden of responsibility. When it comes to friendships, networking, and group associations you know it is about the quality and depth rather than quantity. Your wisdom is noted by many. You also have a chance to restructure your long term goals and you will be more discriminating and realistic about what you are capable of achieving. You are lucky as there is less pressure to prove yourself or to perform this year. We predict more joy in what you do best. Sparks are flying! Nope sorry that is just static as I rub the last of the bacon snack off the crystal ball. At the start of the year watch that you don't overload your life with additional responsibilities you do not need to take on. Have a well earned break from the drudgery of officialdom. It is a year in which you are reminded at almost every turn just how much your friends still need you. All year, acquaintances and friends will continue to support you. The second half of the year is likely to bring helpful, happy people into your sphere and for you a partner who truly makes you feel good about yourself. Existing partnerships can bring joy as well and you will need to allow some time for them too. Experience your own freedom by giving up some of the need to host events and enjoy them instead. Home life remains a little unsettled at the end of the year. There will be some shuffling around, redecorating and an assault of unwelcomed little white people which will leave you feeling uprooted in many ways. Worry not the assault of the snowfreaks will be short and we predict their number will diminish as some will be deaded before the year is over. Communications are rewarding and alliances are formed and strengthened this year.

Crystal ball! 

The crystal ball is clear and bright as are you this year. Charm is your middle name. Some may say you are quiet but we know that is not so. You are a hard worker and your warm hearted and fun approach to life is a winning combination. Pip can you hold the crystal ball whilst I go for a quick pee. Hmm that is better as all I could see was running streams. All this tea keeps making me pee. We predict a big romance this year. You will take pride in their great beauty and kindness. By the time of the four leaf clover and the little green people you will be an item. The Emerald Isle will bestow good luck in matters of the heart. To be sure, to be sure, love will light up your heart and two will be your lucky number. You're probably going to have to keep an eye out for impulse buys, but there's no harm in spending on some luxury items as long as they are within your means. You will want to shower the one you love with gifts but remember don’t go out on a fling on the bling. Sometimes the smallest things are what we treasure most. An old stuffy or sharing a bone can make for some of the happiest moments. In other matters you will be busy with errands, studying, and communicating but at the end of the year life will settle down and on the domestic front things will be harmonious and pleasant. A year of growing and you will feel you have moved out from the shadows into the bright light of life. Lively days for you, particularly when it comes to love, relationships and friendships too. We see happy times with fun and gaiety ahead. Remember to include your peoples in all of this and don’t neglect them. After all they need love too. Happy peoples, make a happy home. 

8/Downunder Daisy & Bella & Roxy too. Here!  
The tarot!

Arrhh the tarot. Hmmm oh my where are they. Opps let me try and find them. Look they were down the back of the sofa with a long lost raw hide. Epic find! Three is your impawtant number and it shall remain so throughout the year. I see many cool walks around your hood and many strange creatures who you will encounter. One to be avoided and I know very well is the ginger monstrosity more commonly called a fox. Be wary of things that look orange and have paws and teeth. Yes the cards say, the bushy tail might make you wail and turn you pale so move fast and don’t be a snail. Stick together like three brave mutt-adores and all will be fine. Your peoples need to watch what they eat to maintain a healthy diet so we predict a bit of counter surfing, bin raiding and cupboard love will be a priority this year. What you manage to eat is good as it means your peoples will be healthier for it. Argumentative and outspoken behavior will not be appreciated so be kind and thoughtful to each other. Remember be versatile as this will keep your folk busy and stimulated. We predict an exciting year full of adventure and escapades. There will seldom be a dull moment so make sure you all take nap times seriously. Growing and sharing are key in your year ahead both within your household and outside. You have many friends who live far away and despite the distance these friendships will grow and blossom. By the end of the year there will be exciting news from far away. The ring card suggests that one of you will make a significant proposal to a loved one. This will end an exciting year with much joyous and wonderful celebration.

9/Mollie. Here! 
Squirrel entrails!

You're in for a full year. Excuse me while a pick a bit of squirrel gizzards out of my back tooth. Hmm that is better. The career of your significant peeps will reach its peak, and if you use your charms to help, remarkable progress will be made. The sky is the limit.....not this year! There are no limits for you so reach for the moon. The vocational aspects career, money and work will be strongly highlighted this year. The fall of a kidney from the squirrel, indicates a latent need for expressing creativity, so unleash your artistic side. Red is a colour you should wear often this year as it will bring you luck. Interweave these elements into your peeps life and you will help them on the way to great success. However, don't break order and routine as disorder and confusion may try and creep into your home. Keep things in check and all will be OK. Writing, sharing, deals, exchanges and transactions feature strongly this year. Trips will also have great influence on business and money. In all 2013, will require all your attention and your creative juices will flow. Drats I got squirrel blood all down my chin. Anyone got a napkin? The telling of entrails is dirty work!  Home and family will leave you nothing to worry about this year. It is yes, a year of endeavour but that is not to be sniffed at. With hard graft and barks comes its’ own rewards. Your efforts now will put you all in a good place for the start of next the year. More impawtantly all your support and encouragement will not go unrewarded. Start making a list of you ten top treats! There is an excellent chance you will have all those by the end of the year. The only thing you have to remember is an organized and balanced lifestyle gives you a win:win situation.

The tea leaves!

While close relationships are in strong focus this year you tend to be more of a private and introspective individual. You might meet someone who comes into your life in a wonderful way opening you up to new ways of self expression. New depths can be experienced now and give you an inner glow. Love matters are at the forefront this year. Partnerships fare better than more casual relationships, the latter being a bit of a wild leaf blowing in your life right now. You meet some exciting and unusual natives but permanency is in the tea. Hmm excuse me while have a slurp and a burp. Those squirrels guts have left me a bit thirsty. Money matters are significantly improved compared to recent years. Even so, you may be downsizing with own personal possessions and going through a period of de-cluttering. Be careful as the peeps can be very resourceful when it comes to recycling or using what you throw out in different ways. Therefore if you want to chuck out the nip as the place is a tip we suggest EBay or you might find your unwanted possessions in a bake or a cake. This is because your peeps are breaking out of ruts and exploring highly alternative art forms. Try to keep them grounded and certainly do not let them fly away as high as a kite. Dreams are just dreams unless you work towards them with some degree of realism. Financial support in the form of shared resources are easier to come by in the second half of the year, but it will be important to watch your borrowing habits. You are thinking about your dream home and an idyllic domestic life, your chances of turning these into a reality are strong. Your ability to meet others halfway will open up social possibilities and opportunities. You are generous by nature and the year sees you directing much of this generosity to significant others. Enjoy yourself as you do and it will be a year of expectations met and promises kept.

11/Sasha. Here!
Crystal ball! 

Fullness to your inner world, family, and home life is what is in store for you this year. You are expanding your feelings of comfort and warmth within yourself, and thus to family members and loved ones. You should literally expand your family and friends welcoming new additions with open paw. There will be new opportunities to truly enjoy yourself through recreation, hobbies, and other amusements this year. Excuse me while I give the ball a good clean it is covered in the wild leaves of tea from the last reading. A-chew, sorry but some just went up my snout. You will discover new outlets to express yourself creatively and playfully. Friends can be integral in introducing you to a new hobby or different and exciting forms of recreation. Frivolous fun will call you says the ball this year. Finances require extra attention during the first half of this year so make sure much energy is spent sorting them out by your peoples. Creative projects might earn money or you could be bringing more imagination and creativity into the work your peoples do. Circumstances will conspire to remind you of the importance of hard work and determination. It's time to realise your goals and make changes so your path better reflects the principles closest to your heart. The year leaves you feeling stronger with a sense of purpose and clarity. Energy levels will be stronger than they have been in recent years. Look out for a rekindling of passions and inspiration in your life.

Dip-Dip Dinah, Bridge & Eliot too. Here! 
The cards!

Money and career will be the most demanding areas in your life for you this year. The answers are not simple and there is no allowance for haste when dealing with these areas. However with responsibility and perseverance, energies in these sectors can be turned to gold. It is a good thing to always try to help your peoples try something new and bring unexpected factors into their environment and in their lifestyle and even in their outlook. Refresh, adjust, and modernize should be your mantra. Don't let your peoples take sudden and risky turns, though. Keep the good habits and get rid of those that are no good. Stay away from tempting things that catch you in a net you'll find difficult to get out of. Don’t be tempted by things that are not yours like stray socks or chewable smalls. The first part of the year is appropriate for studying, or taking practical courses in DOGA or some other calming activity. The year will see you meeting friends and exchanging ideas. The second part of the year will be favourable to home and family. You could be redesigning your abode making room for a more spacious sleeping arrangement. Your family will become happier and relatives will show great support. Escape stress by spending your time in the open air in an active, nice, delightful way! Try finding new places to explore. Remember though to be diligent when reading pee-mails as you don’t want to miss what is going on in your hood. With hard graft, perseverance and dogged determination you will have a year where the showers of success rain down on you steadily as the year goes on. A year of onwards and upwards. By the years end you will be on a firm footing to continue your success into the year that follows. A year where foundations built will last well into the future.


The tarot!

This last year has been sobering at times. Learning to fend for oneself often is a process that may require some introspective soul searching and definitely less spontaneous actions. This year, a stronger, more mature you will emerge. The tarot cards never lie for only yesterday I drew the 9 of cups and although I haven’t made that many yet I am getting there with all the tea leaves I have been using.  Anyone got a number for Dyno-Rod? The toilet looks well blocked. Do not focus on the past to the point of feeling stuck there, look ahead with optimism and hope. With a positive outlook you will bring about a feeling that a weight has been lifted. You are this year likely to be more outgoing than you have been. Build in strength and keep a steady balance. The path to greatest fulfilment is through flexibility, communicating and finding a balance that includes your others needs. You have the opportunity to strike a balance between your own needs and those of others. Be as clear as possible in your communications and do not go simply reacting to pressure from others. Take the time to learn what it is you truly want. Is that toy something you really desire or do you want it because someone else does? Committed relationships require more sharing. Resist the temptation to try to control a partner, but give them as much freedom as you would want. More casual relationships are likely to be exciting and colourful. The last quarter of the year is excellent for family relations and matters related to the home. Any efforts towards restructuring and reorganizing your life will truly pay off. A year where the seeds you sew and tend with such loving care will bare fruit so sweet you will wonder at how joyous mother nature is and how benevolent. Life is a bowl of cherries for you that is. 

Tea leaves!

How many cups of tea is that? I have lost count and the toilet is blocked. Pip put the kettle on again we are back with the leaves of tea once more. You have so much to contribute, so it's not surprising that others are looking to you for a lead and asking you for advice. You have an innovative and quirky style that is not only eye catching but certainly impressive too. You do not work alone for at your side is a steadfast furry stuffy that is always there through thick or thin.  Maybe this is a good thing as a stuffy never nags, or bosses or moans and whines. Your stuffy is the bees knees. Your generosity is well known, but watch out for unnecessary extravagance, avoiding large expenditures or investments. Problems will soon be solved through patience and perseverance not by spending your way out. You are in excellent form physically and will accomplish a lot. You have had little trouble in twisting your peoples round your little paw. Those doe eyes and head tilt melts their hearts every time. There are plenty of new faces to meet and greet. Remember every single one is a potential new friend. You will be very popular this year. No matter how many mistakes you make, you'll be able to find the funny side and that in turn, will encourage others to love you too. Make time to have some fun and expand your social horizons. Your words have weight, and your actions encourages others to follow your example. Use this wisely and you will find not only is your world a place everybody else wants to be in. it is somewhere you are happy in too.  Stuffy and you are going places this year. The cards would not divulge what form your stuffy takes but we see four so we say stuffy has four limbs. The four aspects for you this year are, a little frugality, a touch of serenity, a twist of spontaneity and a sprinkle of opportunity. Reach out with the paw, it is all there waiting for you and stuffy.


  1. How exciting. Sounds like we THREE are in for a wonderful year. Thank you.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. Thank you very much. I have so much to look forward to. This is my first reading. I am going to take a long nap and ponder all that I have learned. You are truly wise.

    Loveys Sasha

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    Waggin at ya,

  4. Mystic Molly
    What amazing powews you have. I am looking fowawd to a bwight footoowe that you see fow me. I have neglected my stuffies, and now I know why. I hopes you gots that slobbew off yoow cwystal ball and the tea leaves out of yoow fuws and all the cawds picked up again. This is sooo much fun
    Soochie kisses

    Pee ess hope you get a bweak, see yoo awound the ciwcus

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  14. Molly this is fantastic, how you manage to eat squirrel and fortune tell, you are truly amazing, we love ours and thank you so much for your hard work.. I can see you sitting there with squirrel blood dripping off your chin, wanna a kiss..BOL, we have already been to the cheesy kissing corner, that was worth every dollar :) We are having such fun..Off to donate :) xx00xxx

    Mollie and Alfie

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